There are lots of ways -

The main thing is that you take time to plan and get excited about your passion or goal and stay excited about it happening. Love it.

Watch getting caught up in other people's ideas and please do not get in your own way, as a suggestion.

Allow your Angels and the Universe to work with 'how' it unfolds.

Here are more ideas, suggestions:

Angels web site

Imagine that you have a great idea about a business or something to do in your life or maybe for part of your work, or something else. 

This is something great that is happening in your life, you love it. Then all of a sudden the great idea you had is vanishing because you got talked out of it, or you got caught up in fear or another person's idea. (Just describing all of this.)

So you whisper to your Angelic Team for assistance:

1 - you ask for help, maybe take time to be still, relax and breathe

2 - you write down what your Divine Ideal Outcome is and what your great idea is all about

3 - you plan the steps to get to your goal - like the steps up a ladder to make it easy for you

4 - you decide to use ease and grace and achieve the steps in your Divine Timing and placement

5 - you decide to no longer listen to any ideas that are less than 100% Love and Light

6 - you remember to recheck your plan and your steps so they are right for you each day / week.

7 - you ask the Angels to help in different ways like :

 * helping you to relax when you get busy or anxious or stressed - use self-love

 * assist with tasks, so you get things done with ease and grace - or take shorter steps

 * arrange to meet appropriate people who have an expertise in the field you are entering/exploring

 * when you need outside help, you meet that person at the perfect place and time

 * you get great parking places (as always)

 * you find that everything is flowing into place wonderfully and it surprises you :-)

8 - you are grateful for what is happening and the assistance you are receiving and acknowledging

9 - you discover the many different and relaxed ways your Angelic team is helping you using love

- a loving work in progress -

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